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Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Metal detect und ähnliche Produkte aktuell günstig im Preisvergleich. Einfach ordentlich sparen dank Top-Preisen auf Auspreiser.de 7 Best Places to Metal Detect in Pennsylvania [Maps, Laws and More] by David Humphries | Mar 25, 2021 | Where to Metal Detect. Knowing how rich and diverse the history is in Pennsylvania, I had to swing through some of the state parks for some detecting. After all, the state is where the Constitution was written and thus deserves a visit

Best places to metal detect in Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania is full of historical towns and sites that are teeming with opportunity for detectorists! Although Philadelphia , Erie , and Gettysburg all hold great desire for explorers, it is important to keep in mind that any historical artifacts like treasure or musket balls are to be reported to. Pennsylvania has a rich history and is a fantastic place for finding some buried coins and treasure using your metal detector. There are an abundance of old towns and settlements which present some of the best places you can find coins, relics, and some hidden treasure. In addition to the many old town sites scattered [

Metal detecting on beaches and in lake swimming areas will be permitted within a reasonable distance of shore from the Tuesday after Labor Day until the Saturday prior to Memorial Day, unless posted otherwise. During the summer season, metal detecting in beach and swimming areas will be at the discretion of the park manager based on the manager. Pennsylvania is one of the best states in the country for metal detecting. Many interesting items have been uncovered in the state's soil. These items include: Civil War relics such as buttons and badges, Native American artifacts, and modern jewelry 49 Places to Metal Detect, And More Remember, be careful, don't break the law. Frank W. Pandozzi is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Clickbank, and MyTopo affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, mytopo.com, and clickbank.com Our Top Places to Metal Detect. First and foremost, get permission to metal detect. The best spots to hunt are usually privately owned and getting written permission may help with possible legal disputes that may occur as a result of your actions and/or finds

One of the best ways to do so is to target places where the permission is no required! If you are a beginner in the hobby, then that's a great way to Go! In this article I list several places where you can swing your beloved detector without being concerned about getting a Permit whatsoever. 9 Places Where you can Detect Without Permission 1 Most People Don't Know These 7 Treasures Are Hiding In Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania isn't anywhere near the high seas trafficked by legendary swashbuckling pirates, but what kid didn't grow up with dreams of finding mysterious maps and buried chests of gold? We probably won't find a sunken Spanish galleon in the Allegheny River anytime soon, but that doesn't mean there isn't. Here are 14 unusual places to search. The first few places require a metal detector. You can purchase one that will do the job for around two hundred dollars. Posthole Banks. Okay, you're asking what's a posthole bank? A posthole bank. is the hole in the ground that is left after a fence post is dug NEPA Lehigh Valley Treasure Club Looking for new members. he Lehigh Valley Treasure Club was founded in March 1984 by Hellertown jeweler and treasure seeker George Heilman. Heilman was also the first president. Today it is still going strong 20 years later. We meet at: Dewey Fire Company No 1, 502 Durham St. Hellertown, PA 18055 Hey guys I recently took a trip to P.A. for a few days to do some metal detecting with the American ghost town hunters . I was able to find a cache with buff..

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In this chapter of our metal detecting guide, we take a look at some of the most popular places to metal detect.. Metal detecting and real estate have at least one thing in common: location, location, location. The most advanced metal detector and the most experienced detectorist won't find items of interest if people weren't there to lose things in the past, so let's look at some of the. Gold Findings. The following map will show you the approximate Gold Locations found in the state of PA. The locations are approximate in nature to give you a starting point or reference as to its location. Actual Members of the PA Prospectors Club are given a list of these locations which contains a brief description of the area, PA Touring. Using a metal detector to search for Pennsylvania lost treasure is a must have tool. Before the days of metal detectors the chance of locating buried treasures was not a very high percentage adventure. However, today's modern detectors give anyone with the desire to locate a treasure, a much better chance of finding one The local park is usually the FIRST place hobbyists start detecting, and parks can be very lucrative when it comes to metal detecting. Finding treasure in your own neighborhood—right down the street—is exciting because this is the history of your city. Amazingly, people have found some of their best treasures at the park—including YouTuber Mark D., who hunts with his Garrett AT Pro.

And the good thing about hunting in an old park is that the dates of the coins will be older than they will be in a current park. Below, feel free to take a look at some of the most popular metal detectors available on Amazon: BEST SELLERS. 1) Garrett AT MAX. 2) Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV. 3) Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Where to Find Treasure: Hunting in Unusual Places. Location, location, location. Choosing a place to treasure hunt with your metal detector is especially important. It will dictate what you find and how much you will find. If you hunt on the beach, you're likely to find lost jewelry, coins and watches. If you visit the site of a Civil War.

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  1. Lehigh Valley Metal Detecting. January 26, 2020 ·. These guys have some great audio reviews about live audio equipment and a lot more! Check them out! They are also local in the Valley. We are a different type of audio review channel. We like to not only review the quality of sound but test the equipment to its limits
  2. g, soaking up the rays, fossil hunting, and yes metal detecting. In fact, you're highly likely to find something metal on the beach because beaches are regularly and actively used by the public
  3. Metal Detecting Equipment Manufacturing Engineers Welding Equipment Rental. 23. YEARS. IN BUSINESS. Website. (717) 767-1129. 290 Emig Rd. Emigsville, PA 17318. From Business: Founded in 1988, Industrial Service & Installation specializes in the installation of production and process equipment

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  1. The places mentioned below should give you some ideas on where to metal detect but remember you have to search a potential location thoroughly as even the most heavily metal detected locations can still produce great metal detecting finds. The best place to metal detect is a location that you know well and have documented
  2. Metal Detectors in New Milford on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Metal Detecting Equipment in New Milford, PA
  3. I've found many rings metal detecting the beach. Today I talk about the best place to find rings at the beach using a metal detector
  4. The other option is to select a metal detector that gives you the best possible performance for relic hunting—since that's where your passion lies. If you are specifically shopping for a relic-hunting metal detector, MetalDetector.com allows you to Shop by Usage and has an expert-tested selection of metal detectors for relic hunting (in.
  5. Metal detectors transmit an electric signal that lets you know where to start digging. Today's metal detectors come with simple-to-use digital controls that make the hunt easier than ever. For versatility, look for devices that deliver universal functionality for gold prospecting, coin-shooting and relic hunting alike
  6. Find unseen items with this Barska metal detector. It has an 8.5-inch waterproof coil for searching in lakes or ponds and adjustable sensitivity knobs that detect differences between various types of metals. The LCD display of this Barska metal detector provides information on the type and depth of detected metal

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Many people who metal detect quite seriously often will tell you the best places to go metal detecting is on privately owned land. There are a lot of reasons this is true. The main benefit being the site hasn't been hunted before. The second reason? With the owner's blessing, you can likely keep whatever you may discover Great Lakes Metal Detecting Michigan Gold Prospectors Mid Michigan Metal Detecting Club Michigan Treasure Hunters Northeast Huron Detectors Club Southwest Michigan Seek and Search Club Yooper Coinshooters Metal Detecting Club. Minnesota Gopher State Treasure Hunters. Mississippi. Missouri 417 Relic Hunters Gateway Metal Detecting Club Midwest. Where to Metal Detect. In order to help you get out and start digging, I've listed the top 10 places you can go metal detecting immediately, why they are good choices, and what you need to do in order to be successful at each of them Dr. Whitehead has done extensive metal. detecting all over Bucks County and especially the Newtown area and will show. and explain some of the rare items that he has found. The public is invited. Under the state park laws, you can detect from May 22 to September 27 every year. During this time, you can use metal detectors from 4:00 am until 11:00 am. The rest of the year, you can metal hunt from 4:00 am until 10:30 pm every day. 16. Kansas. In Kansas, there are no laws prohibiting the use of metal detectors

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06-12-2017, 11:00 AM. by Sea Hunter. North East Metal Detecting. This forum is for new and experienced treasure hunters, historians, collectors and prospectors to share experiences, photos, news, finds, make new friends, and to ask questions about the metal detecting and prospecting hobbies. Forum The key to metal detecting Civil War sites and finding relics is to go where the soldiers went. You're going to have to do some research to locate prime spots. Comb through internet sites and books about the Civil War and pay attention to areas where soldiers followed trails or roads, where they set up camps, and where there were skirmishes or battle (even the small ones) Best Places to Metal Detect for Gold (2020 Suggestions) Gold is considered the holy grail of metal detecting. The best part is gold never runs out of value. It has been used as a store of value for centuries. However, gold is a heavy metal, and finding it isn't that easy. For one, if you do not get the right metal detector, you will be. This guide contains helpful info on selecting and buying a metal detector, types of metal detecting activities, program settings for metal detectors, basic equipment for successful treasure search, basic map research and other methods of acquiring a good leads, metal detecting techniques, places to metal detect, and more

Metal Finder Metal Detector Toy Gold And Silver Detectors With Sound alarms For Children. Average Rating: ( 5.0) out of 5 stars. 4. ratings, based on 4 reviews. Current Price $43.46. $43.46. Sold & shipped by Better and Easy Life. Free delivery. Add to cart Coin Beach In Delaware Is One Of The Best Places To Go Metal Detecting In The U.S. Are you looking for a new way to spend your time in the First State? One of the nation's top places to go metal detecting is right here in Slower Lower Delaware. Read all about why Coin Beach is a great place to go treasure hunting below These acts indirectly make metal detecting illegal in any of these places. If caught metal detecting or have a detector in your possession while on any of these protected places it can be a felony with tough penalties. A typical statement on a National Monument websites is: Metal detectors are strictly prohibited on park grounds The Boyertown Area Historical Society invited the community to its Come Out Swinging Metal at Camp Cannon Hill in Boyertown on April 24 and 25. The Come Out Swinging Spring Metal Detecting fundraiser was a huge success. Participants came from all parts of Pennsylvania and other states, said Historical Society President Rachael Kehler What are the Best Metal Detectors for Seniors and Retirees? Top Metal Detector Finds. 10 Best Historical Metal Detecting Finds; Field Test and Review. Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Comparison: Gold, Titanium, Platinum, Platinum Pro; Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500, 2500, 3500 Metal Detector Comparison; Camel Minin

Metal Detecting is the use of a metal detector to locate ferrous (iron based) or non-ferrous metals. Metal detectors come in a wide range of designs and many are specifically designed for a particular type of hunting. Some people hunt old battlefields or bivouac sites of military units, and are looking for relics of those units The best place to use your first metal detector is on a beach, and just dig everything till you learn the different types of signals. Most detectors are built with some discrimination that helps you bypass most objects like nails, foil, pulltabs, etc. But the more you discriminate, the less depth you going to have The Best Places to Use a Metal Detector with Ease. There are various metal detectors available out there. Some of them are perfect for professional use. They have better features and can pick up greater signals. In using them, you are assured of high quality results. There are other types though that are way cheaper but are only used for. Detecting in the woods and rivers can be challenging though so it's best to be prepared, whether you're just going out for a couple hours or all day. Tip 1: Carry a Bag. Pack a bag with the essential metal detecting tools you need and make sure to leave room for extra items you'll want to have. Since you'll presumably be walking a while.

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Good Places To Go Metal Detecting. Here's some ideas of places where you can go detecting: But don't forget to follow the Rules and Regulations if such are known or posted. Backyards - your own, your friends, or neighbor's. Look for - old clotheslines, tree swings, flowerbeds, porches, walkways to outhouse. What you'll find - depends on how old. However, if the precious metal content is less than 10%, it will need to be one of at least 10 coins in the same find. It is not a coin but has precious metal content of at least 10%. It is any object of any material found in the same place as another object that is deemed treasure Welcome to TreasureNet.com - The largest Treasure Hunting Forum and Community on the Internet! We have discussion forums that cover a wide range of treasure related topics, from the Shipwrecks to Metal Detecting.Coins, Gold Prospecting, Techniques, Preservation, Mapping, Ghost Towns, Stamp Collecting, Fossils and everything in between. The site is completely free to use, to take full advantage.

State Laws. Metal detecting, collecting or digging on 34 state properties requires a permit, and 16 states do not allow recreational metal detecting on state property. The 34 states that allow metal detecting on state property have additional limitations within state park boundaries. Always check with the park ranger and obtain a permit 14 reviews. 15 helpful votes. 1. Re: Metal Detecting rules. 4 years ago. Save. I would try the beach used by criuseships just adjacent to the fort in Fredriksted. Probably the beach used by the highest volume of people on the island due to ships. Report inappropriate content What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Relics? This entry was posted in How to: Tips and Advice and tagged metal detecting , metal detecting on old properties , metal detecting on private property , metal detecting tips , metal detector , relic hunting , relic hunting tips , relic hunting tools , treasure hunting , treasure hunting on.

Rule #1 in the Metal Detecting Code of Ethics is I will respect private property and will not metal detect without the property owner's permission.. Rule #10 in the same Code of Ethics is I will be an ambassador for the metal detecting hobby.. These two rules are so closely related, and those who have ignored these in the past. Metal detecting is the world's worst hobby. A trove of gold and silver artifacts worth an estimated $1.6 million was discovered in Staffordshire, England, by a hobbyist with a store-bought metal. Be sure to shop online for our new metal detector packages and our best metal detectors for prospecting gold. Serious Metal Detecting also offers videos, books, and DVDs for the best experience in prospecting. Shop for metal detecting batteries, carrying bags, arm rests, headphones and carefully selected start-up kits The project hopes to raise awareness of best pratice for metal detecting to ensure the best result for everyone. The report is the first of its kind to be attempted in Scotland and was conducted.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons Know the Best Places to Pan for Gold. Gold panning is one of the easiest and oldest methods of extracting gold. The process may take a lot of effort and less chances of actually getting gold, but it is still practiced until now. It is also very cheap compared with other gold extraction processes. The first recorded mining activity following this method was. Metal detecting. Metal detecting is allowed in designated parks when it is conducted in ways that do not damage the resources or violate state laws. Any items found must be reviewed by park staff and may be retained for further investigation. Parks with designated metal detecting areas (click park name for map SELL Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector. 850.00 USD - Riverside (California) - June 9, 2021. Purchased on 10/9/19 (I do have Invoice) - 1Yr Warranty left Detector Hardly Used, never at beach or in water, absolutely Mint Condition, 11 coil never used (6 coil not included in sale). Selling to fund home improvement projects Metal Detector Permit. Mail the Metal Detector Permit Application to: South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks. Divison of Parks. 523 East Capitol Ave. Pierre, SD 57501. 41:03:01:29. Restrictions on use of metal detectors - Written authorization required. No person may use a metal detector on lands owned, leased, managed, or controlled by the.

January 3, 2017 January 3, 2017. My first coin while detecting. The coastline north of Indian River Inlet in Delaware has earned a nickname Coin Beach after the many shipwrecked coins being discovered there. I found my first coin with a metal detector on Coin Beach, Rehoboth, this last weekend. First day of 2017 A Surprise Golf Course Metal Detecting Find. Some of my coolest finds have come from short hunts. Last weekend I had a chance to detect at an old golf course where I have found a 20 Pence Irish coin, a 1943 Mercury Dime and a few other neat finds in the past Lacey Metal Detectors is your Authorized Dealer for all White's, Minelab, Garrett, and Fisher Metal Detectors. We have been serving the community with quality metal detectors since 2001. Whenever we get a chance we are out metal detecting, we have a very extensive knowledege of all White's, Minelab, Garrett, and Fisher Metal Detectors because. Basic model metal detectors sell for around $100, and top-of-the-range products cost more than $1000. When using a metal detector, hold the scanning part of the machine just above the sand and.

For purchases, enquiries, and product availability, please contact your nearest Authorised Minelab Partner. Authorised Minelab Partners are the only legitimate sellers of genuine Minelab products Recognizing this, we've made a list of all the best places for metal detecting to help you start your search. Contents [ show] 1 The Beach. 2 Fields. 3 Trails and Wooded Areas. 4 Churches. 5 Ghost Towns. 6 Gardens. 7 Summary Digging for treasure is not with a shovel and three scoops later, Voi la, you uncover the top of a treasure chest! The more valuable the treasure, the deeper it is buried; is the rule. The average treasure (less than $100,000) is buried at a depth between four and six feet. This is well beyond the depth range of 99.9% of all metal detectors Welcome to Detector Center! Detector Center is a metal detector repair facility located in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania. Our primary focus is the repair of Minelab metal detectors as their USA Authorized Service Center. We service products for Minelab that are both in and out of warranty

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FindADiggingBuddy.com was created to help metal detectorists find metal detecting buddies and old bottle diggers find bottle digging buddies across the USA. It doesn't matter whether you're 18 or 80, beginner or advanced bottle digger or metal detectorist. Join today so you can post your Digger's Profile, view others and contact each other to go metal detecting and bottle digging Metal detecting farm fields can produce interesting finds when the fields were former sites of non-farm activity. In rural areas, it is surprising how many homes were located in various places over the last 200 years that are no longer standing. These fields also contain old picnic groves, churches and schools, with almost no visible traces left Your best avenue to this would be to join a metal detecting club or get to know some of the officers that work in the park system. Also, many State lands are closed to metal detecting, so make positive you check before digging. That leaves private property. There are more acres in the entire world than all of us together could search in our.

WW2 Relic Found Growing Into a Tree Metal Detecting Germany Today I'm in Germany hunting for WW2 relics with my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector. The area I'm in was once a WW2 battlefield. The Soviet Red Army had pushed the Germans out of Poland, into East Germany and eventually to Berlin where the war came to a head Treasure to Be Found Around Old Home Sites. By Frank Pandozzi. Oh yes, the idea of searching for and finding a buried treasure has been thought about and dreamed by both young and old. Some have followed their hearts and have gone on treasure hunts that have resulted in locating buried treasures both beneath the ground and under the water The Radius Garden Root Slayer is the best metal detecting tool on the market. This can take on even the toughest roots with ease, in fact you probably won't even notice them once you start digging! This multi-purpose shovel will eliminate the need for other tools when digging while metal detecting. The ripsaw teeth cut through the largest. The only metal is a thin piece that loops between the zip and the zip pull tap but it's only detectable if you put the coil within a couple of inches. There are a few versions of this boot but with different soles, the soles on the EH can get a bit slippery on hard wet surfaces so I'd recommend going for one of the more rubbery types Best gloves for magnet fishing The act of searching for ferromagnetic objects in outdoor water is known as a magnet or magnetic fishing. In this process, a neodymium magnet is. Read More. Janval. June 16, 2020. Metal detecting

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Oct 11, 2019 - We have scoured the internet to bring you some of the best metal detecting videos online. Watch and learn from our selection of hand picked metal detecting videos. . See more ideas about metal detecting videos, metal detecting, metal Always seek permission from property owners and obtain any necessary permits prior to panning, dredging, or metal detecting. Click and drag to resposition map. Use + and - to zoom in/out This metal detector can easily find coins and other valuables hidden in beaches or in your own backyard. Features include individual tones for specific metal types and an arm rest for operator comfort. Separate audio signals for different metals. Lightweight and easy to use. Works even under shallow water

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Actually a metal detector can be a valuable tool to the bottle hunter. This is a letter I wrote in response to a man who was asking about 'bottle detectors.' Sorry Roger, I have dreamed about such a detector, because I am a bottle digger myself. A great location for digging antique bottles is old farm dumps These are some of the best places to go metal detecting if they haven't yet been hunted. Old Swimming Holes. If you're buying your first detector or looking to upgrade your gear, I definitely recommend an all-terrain metal detector. This gives you the advantage of being able to treasure hunt old swimming holes. In the 1800s, people spent a lot. May 28-29, Stoney Creek Ontario, Canada. 2016 Southern Ontario Metal Detecting Beach Hunt. July 9 - 16, New Stanton, PA - Treasure Week sponsored by various manufactures. Hunts every day. July 24-30, Vallonia, IN - Southern Indiana Annual Treasure Fest. August 13, Tunkhannock, PA - Black Diamond's 2016 33th Annual Treasure Hunt

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The Lynx Creek placer district is a great place to pan, and historically a lot of gold has been pulled from this area. It has been estimated that around 125,000 ounces have been extracted since the first traces of gold were discovered in 1863. In this park you are only allowed to pan and metal detect Dear Sondra,...in addition to being the first metal detector company I found (after contacting several) which actually seemed to care about my order and which treated me like a valued customer, you also really worked hard from your end toRead full quote ». Anita S. and Juan G., United Kingdom Hello Folks, Ordered 2 Garrett ACE 250's on 09-14-09 at noo Top 6 Places To Go Magnet Fishing. 6. Underneath Old Bridges. Magnet fishers often seek out active or even abandoned bridges when finding great places to fish. There are many reasons why bridges are an excellent choice. First of all, hundreds of people typically travel over a bridge during a day, which increases their chances of dropping something Shop now Read our review. Fisher 1280X-8 Underwater Metal Detector with 8-Inch Coil. Amazon Customer Reviews. Known to be one of the best fresh water detectors available. Submersible up to 250. With the long and diverse history of the United States, historical artifacts can be found in every corner of the country. In the South, finding Civil War artifacts with a metal detector has increased dramatically in the last couple of decades. All of these plates and buckles were dug from a single lawn, along with 66 buttons and about 400 bullets

Welcome to Ohio Metal Detecting! I'm Nick A. and I am a metal detector hobbyist or detectorist in Central Ohio. I have been metal detecting since getting my first real metal detector, a White's Classic II, in 1990, and currently use the Minelab E-Trac detector. I am predominantly a coinshooter looking for old coins to add to my collection A top-flight modern metal detector, the Equinox 800 is powerful, versatile, and packed with professional features. Pros. Multi-IQ technology allows the detector to scan multiple frequencies simultaneously, leaving nothing uncovered. Features four modes — Park, Field, Beach, and Gold — to dial in sensitivity and strength

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West Virginia Map of Gold, Silver & Lost Treasure Sites. Small amounts of gold can be found in quartz outcroppings in Tucker County. Note: Some sites listed below may have prohibitions against prospecting. Always seek permission from property owners and obtain any necessary permits prior to panning, dredging, or metal detecting Winbest - Pursuit Metal Detector Field Kit. Model: BE12748. SKU: 6169125. User rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews. (2) Price Match Guarantee. $279.99. Your price for this item is $ 279.99. Add to Cart

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Metal Detector. Hand-held metal detectors can find property stakes, sprinkler heads, lost keys, and other metal objects underneath the surface. The metal detector can be adjusted for correct depth and sensitivity as well as filter out unwanted items. Finds hidden metal objects. Adjust for depth/sensitivity. Uses 4 AA batteries Metal detecting for members in and around Berkshire. Found on our first dig of 2017, 6 Gold Staters. Congratulations to Dave Rogers, Matt Beasley and Matty Bril 1 July 2015. RELIC COLLECTING, TREASURE HUNTING AND USE OF METAL DETECTORS. I. General. It is the policy of the Maryland Park Service to safeguard the archaeological resources under its care. II. Policy. A. Digging in search of buried relics or treasures, the removal of any prehistoric or historic artifacts, and the use of metal detectors. Northwest Detector Sales - Metal Detector Community. Free Shipping. When you spend $100+. Give Us A Call. +1 (503) 936-1443. Open Hrs. 9 am to 5 pm. Locations. 7905 SW Elmwood St Jeffrey J. Donahue Superintendent of Recreation Ph: (724) 228-6867 Kevin Garrison Superintendent of Parks Ph: (724) 909-2136 Courthouse Square 100 W. Beau St


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Product. All 1st Texas Titan 9000 Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector Detech 6 DD Excelerator Search Coil (V3I / VX3 / MXT / M6 / MX5 / DFX) Detech 8 x 6 SEF. Garland, Texas (February 8, 2021) —Garrett Electronics, a design and manufacturing company specializing in security metal detectors, announced that it is now shipping orders of its popular new touchless SmartScanThermal Imaging system. SmartScan is offered as either an add-on accessory for new Garrett PD 6500i or MZ 6100 walk-through metal detectors, or it can be retrofitted into previously.

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Metal detectors and accessories. Minelab, Garrett, Quest, Nokta/Makro, Fisher, XP Deus and more. Free Shipping from London ON Canada on purchases over $100. Minelab Equinox, Nokta Simplex+ are the current top sellers. Shovels, scoops, diggers and more. Authorized Minelab dealer. Financing available via PayBrigh Enhance your gold prospecting activity with metal detectors and hand held metal detectors from Cabela's that have an adjustable aluminum stem and a waterproof coil system, along with sensitivity adjustment and motion discrimination RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids - Metal Detector with IP68 Waterproof Coil 24 to 35'' Adjustable Stem & 2 Lb Lightweight Best Gift for Kids Metal Detector for Kids, Best Toy for Boys & Girls Blue 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,03 an industrial metal detector that finds property stake pins, valves, sprinkler heads, shallow pipes and cables. It is a very simple metal detector to use, and can be adjusted to detect either all metals or discriminate out junk. Waterproof search coil. * Prices are subject to change. Tax and other fees not shown in above price estimate Maryland Gold Fever by Walter A. Goetz, 1979, revised 1996, 50 pages (8 1/2 x 11) including foldout map of mines and locations, plus 5 pg. bibliography, available for $10.00 plus postage from Walter Goetz, 9107 Kirkdale Road, Bethesda, MD 20817, phone (301) 530-7462