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  1. March 21, 2019. Chicago - North. June 16, 2021 - The Montrose Bird Sanctuary is closed due to construction. No date has been given for completion. The promontory and adjacent dune habitats contain what is probably the region's most heavily birded site: the famous Magic Hedge.. Migrants of all kinds flock to this 15-acre sanctuary.
  2. Located in Lincoln Park, Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary attracts tens of thousands of migratory birds to stop for rest, food, and shelter each spring and fall. Within the natural area is The Magic Hedge, a 150-yard stretch of shrubs and trees, so-called because it attracts a curiously high number of migratory birds
  3. A small finger curling out into the lake, Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary can boast in having over 300 species recorded, including some of the rarest birds ever recorded in the state. A small stretch of low-lying bushes and small trees on the west side of the sanctuary in particular have been a magnet for migrating songbirds and rarities
  4. Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary is a rest stop for hundreds of species of birds and many people have the privilege to witness those species come through the area. This is a privilege that should be inclusive of everyone. The Nature Conservancy is a global conservation organization dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life.
  5. Tour Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary and the amazing beach dunes natural area. Northbound bird migration will be in full swing at end of April and spring butterflies will just be making their appearance. In addition to seeing many migrant and nesting birds and cool native plants, we may spot a coyote, beaver or skunk
  6. on July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 For anyone who lives in Chicago, or even for anyone who comes to visit Chicago, there aren't too many places that I can recommend more than the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary

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This includes Montrose Point and the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary. See the Montrose Frequently Asked Questions page for updated information. Parking meters were installed at Montrose in May 2021. The meters are only along West Montrose Harbor Drive, so if you want to park on that road you'll have to feed a meter Bird lovers flock to Chicago for a chance to spot hundreds of different species all around the city. Here's a few areas for bird watching in Chicago. Montrose Bird Sanctuary. More than 300 different species flock to this ten-acre bird paradise every spring and fall. Tens of thousands of migratory birds make Montrose Bird Sanctuary their. Managing these sites is a labor of love - I thoroughly enjoy writing about birds and telling the story of Montrose Point, one of the most popular and renowned bird and nature sanctuaries in the United States. Empowering people with the information they can use to make informed decisions about birding Montrose is a passion of mine

Montrose Basin is an enclosed estuary of the river South Esk covering 750 hectares, home to over 80,000 migratory birds - including pink-footed geese, Arctic terns, knots and sedge warblers. Our four-star visitor centre offers a great day out for all the family in Angus. Please note the Montrose Basin Visitor Centre is currently on reduced. 26 reviews of Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary This is a great little nature escape which is located along the lakefront between Montrose and Wilson Aves. You can only hike in the sanctuary. No bikes or dogs are allowed. When you are in there, its like a major escape from the city, very wooded, with a tangle of little trails, and yet the view from the south end of the downtown skyline is.

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, Chicago: Address, Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary Reviews: 4.5/5. See all things to do But even if you are not necessarily bird aficionados it is fascinating to hear all the bird calls and see all the birds flying around. One more thing; assuming the water is calm be sure to walk out all the way to the end of. Instagram posts from Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary. @johnsbracken. #rideby #lakemichigan #snowbunting #winter #birds #birdphotography #planetbirds #your_best_birds #nuts_about_birds #kings_birds #total_birds #eye_spy_birds #bird_brilliance #bestshotz_birds #bestoftheUSA_birds #bestbirdshots #birdshots #birds_captures #birdlovers #birdfreaks. The Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary is a place where more than 300 species have fluttered their wings. And now, the Park District plans to install a wheelchair-accessible path - which has some. The Magic Hedge at Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary is called that for a reason. What started as a row of honeysuckle shrubs along a fence has grown into a long stretch of trees, plants and other greenery — a perfect spot for the masses of birds passing through Chicago to rest and feed during migration seasons A bird sanctuary that jets out into Lake Michigan serves is a funnel for birds as they travel over Lake Michigan, looking for green space that is somewhat sparse in our area. Bird lovers were the ones who gave Montrose Point the Magic Hedge nickname and for good reason. This sanctuary truly is a gem and worth discovering for yourself

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  1. The trail along the Magic Hedge at Montrose Bird Sanctuary may be the most travelled birding path in the city, and it's undergoing significant renovations, which have many birders concerned about this special place. CAS sat down with Matt Freer, Assistant Director of Landscape for the Chicago Par
  2. ary formulations of the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary Master Plan (2015), including the path improvements. COS has confirmed with the Park District that best practices will be employed during construction to
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Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary Master Plan | 5 1. introduction Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary is one of the few natural areas in the City of Chicago that extends out into Lake Michigan. Migratory birds following the shoreline are attracted to Montrose Point and land there seeking shelter and food. Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary Navy Pie 74. Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, Chicago, Illinois. Chicago's modern-day birding mecca, located on the Lake Michigan shore, is the place to see warblers, gulls, terns, sparrows, shorebirds, orioles, and rarities. Site of a Cold War-era military barracks, the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary is Chicago's modern-day birding mecca Category: Montrose Bird Sanctuary. Oh My That's A LOT of Birds (Chicago Trip, Part 1) So, last month I went to Chicago to see birds. That may seem odd to most people, that I would go to a big city to do so MONTROSE POINT BIRD SANCTUARY For decades, Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary has drawn people from all over the region and nearby states to witness the profusion of migrating song-birds found here spring and fall. Originally, what drew birders was the Magic Hedge, a 150-foot former fence line that was left unmowed an Leader: Ted Wolff. (312) 498-5559. Field Trips. magic hedge montrose bird sanctuary spring migration. First wave of passerine arrivals gets us in the swing of spring migration. Chicago's most famous migrant trap, aka The Magic Hedge, is everyone's favorite spring birding spot. Pre-registration required

The Montrose Bird Sanctuary has multiple points of entry and several paths that meander and connect throughout the natural setting. Once you step into the sanctuary it doesn't feel like you're in the city anymore. You can stay within the nature area or add on a nice extension to the end of the Montrose Pier. There is beach grass, sand, trees. N 41° 57.780 W 087° 38.106. Quick Description: Located in Lincoln Park, Montrose Point is a 10-acre bird sanctuary that attracts tens of thousands of migratory birds of more than 300 different species each spring and fall. They stop here for rest, food and shelter. East of the bathhouse is The Magic Hedge, a 150 yard stretch of shrubs.

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary - Learn more at Chicago Park District Watch video of an American Goldfinch at Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary Chicago Ornithological Society Meet Monty and Rose - the first Piping Plovers to nest in Chicago in 64 years Despite pleas to protect the nests of piping plovers, JAM Productions still plans to hold two nights of shows in August in the midst of the Montrose bird sanctuary. By Neil Steinberg Jun 23, 2019. The bird sanctuary's main loop will have an asphalt path to keep visitors in approved areas and make more space for nature. Pay-to-park meters are being installed at two of Montrose Harbor's most popular attractions, as well as in several parts of Lincoln Park. Rose spent the winter in Anclote Key. A small piece of land that jets out into the lake, the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary has become one of the best locations for birding in the Midwest. In fact, over 300 different bird species have been recorded here, including some of the rarest birds that have ever been seen in the state of Illinois Parts of the sanctuary have been closed for construction of 1/3-mile long trail. Avid birder Al Stokie, 76, on a visit to Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary on Thursday, May 20. Zinya Salfiti/Chicago.

Quick Description: Located in Lincoln Park, Montrose Point is a 10-acre bird sanctuary that attracts tens of thousands of migratory birds of more than 300 different species each spring and fall. They stop here for rest, food and shelter For anyone craving a quick nature break video, following are links to two previous visits to the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary. MPBS 10-14-2018. MPBS 7-22-2018. Here's to more baby steps, looking for the positive in the actions we're all taking to make and sustain change in our lives and, until next weekfind a trail ~ find your path™

The Setting. Montrose Beach: land of volleyball, off-leash dogs, and a small mound that, by Chicago standards, qualifies as a mountain. It's also home to the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, a 15. The city has installed 18 new parking meters on Montrose Harbor Drive by the bird sanctuary and the dog beach, where parking used to be free Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, Illinois On the north side of Chicago, a small patch of land curling out into Lake Michigan has acquired legendary status among local birders. More than 340 species of birds, including serious rarities for the area, such as Burrowing Owl, Magnificent Frigatebird, Reddish Egret, Purple Gallinule, and Painted. Here is how the website describes the sanctuary. Located in Lincoln Park, Montrose Point is a 15-acre bird sanctuary that attracts tens of thousands of migratory birds of more than 300 different species, that stop here for rest, food and shelter. Within the natural area is The Magic Hedge, a 150 yard stretch of shrubs and several trees.

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Montrose Harbor is the anchor of the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary and inside the sanctuary is The Magic Hedge. My pace quickened on the way back home. I jumped behind my computer, onto the Internet. I learned that the charmed, flowered honeysuckle plant was responsible for the Magic Hedge. Birds are drawn to honeysuckle, like bees to honey Montrose Beach is the site of a protected bird sanctuary that is one of the premier birding spots in the Chicago area. Some 340 species have been seen here, including many rare ones Similarly, the Nelson Sparrow frequents areas like the Montrose Bird Sanctuary, just down the road from Buena Park, and travels throughout the mid-west in its migratory patterns. The realistically painted flowers and birds will be intertwined with two-dimensional linear shapes to create a juxtaposition of space and add a modern feeling to.

Montrose Bird Point Sanctuary is a hidden jewel located in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood. The 15-acre property also known as the Magic Hedge Sanctuary was previously leased by the military. Since the 1980s birders and the city of Chicago have transformed this park into one of the Midwest's leading parks for bird watchers and migrating birds. Eric. 1. Put Up a Bird Feeder. Putting up a simple bird feeder is the first step and an easy way to bring more birds to your yard. For many backyard birders, this is the only step they choose to take, and it is a great way to get started in bird watching. Feeders come in many shapes and sizes, and the type you choose will depend on the kind of. The Montrose natural areas - Montrose Point and Montrose Beach Dunes - are a rare nature haven for birds and plants in the middle of Chicago's Uptown neighborhood on the shore of Lake Michigan. These bird sanctuaries total over 30 acres and boast an astonishing 341 species of birds, many of which rely on the greenspace as a safe stopover. cbslocal.com - CHICAGO (CBS) — A fierce debate is raging, of all places, within Chicago's bird watching community. The Chicago Park District is making a Plan For Paved Wheelchair-Accessible Trail At Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary Has Some Birders' Feathers Ruffled - Flipboar

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The Important Bird Area (IBA) program is a global bird conservation program designed to identify, monitor, and protect those landscapes most important to birds. The National Audubon Society, in partnership with BirdLife International, began implementing the IBA program in the United States in 1995 Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary is best visited in spring and fall for migrant songbirds and from fall through spring for waterfowl, loons, grebes, gulls, and other waterbirds. A visit here at the height of migration is a social occasion, with many birders from the Chicago area milling around and exchanging news of sightings

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary is located in Chicago. Add Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary to your Chicago travel itinerary, and discover new vacation ideas by using our Chicago travel app Bird and Parrot classifieds. Browse through available Birds in Montrose, Colorado by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues 08.07.19 | Avian Care, Bird Sanctuary, Birds, Conservation Saving the Great Lakes Piping Plover A little shorebird has made quite the headlines in Chicago this summer, cancelling a popular beach music festival and bringing in bird watchers from all over the Great Lakes No one. Just animals, a lot of birds, flora in bloom. Just nature, unimpeded. Spider web at Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. A raccoon in the water at Jarvis Bird.

World Bird Sanctuary rests peacefully on 305 acres of Missouri hardwood forest, next door to Lone Elk County Park and the Chubb Trail. We feature free seasonal shows, nature trails, educational programs and picnic pavilions. Our large outdoor avian exhibits provide housing for a variety of World Bird Sanctuary's non-releasable birds. We also rehabilitate injured birds of prey at our on-site. Where: Kempton, Pennsylvania What: This 2,500-acre protected area is one of the best springtime places to observe migrating raptors. Located high on Pennsylvania's well-preserved Kittatinny Ridge, Hawk Mountain is the world's oldest wildlife sanctuary exclusively committed to the protection and observation of birds of prey.It is also designated as an Important Bird Area Here I could read a little about each bird and learn some rather interesting facts. The Fall Migration starts in September and will continue through November. I will be spending most of my time at the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, the North Park Village Nature Center or the North Pond Nature Sanctuary. I will definitely be visiting some new. Bill Jarvis Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Address: 3550 N Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL 60613. Birds to see: Black-crowned Night-Herons, Common Loon, Horned Grebe, hummingbirds, Common Goldeneye, and other migrants. The Bill Jarvis Sanctuary is a 7.8-acre woodland, wetland, and savanna built atop an old landfill. Originally opened in the 1920s, this. Between Montrose Beach and Lincoln Park is a beautiful natural dunes area that was under water until the 1990's. It's filled with endangered plants and birds and is quite peaceful. Upvote Downvote. Israel D July 22, 2014. Estuvo buenisimo ay mucnchos pajaros de todos los colores

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Unleashed dogs threaten bird sanctuary on Montrose Beach June 2, 2015, 11:39 a.m. CT. Liste Widely considered the best place in Illinois to view spring migration is the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, a 13-acre promontory on Chicago's North Side. Once a Nike missile base, it has been carefully developed as a habitat that offers many species of migrating birds the food and protection they need before continuing north Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary. Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary. 5. 12 reviews on. Address: Montrose avenue deadends into a fishing and boating community that happens to be home to a bird sanctuary complete... more. O6378WFannag This was a great place to see birds and great views of the city. There are nice paths to see various plants and. It's called Montrose Point Birds Sanctuary. While Montrose in particular is a special place. Um you can't really get the kind of shots that you can get here. You're so close to the birds. They all follow through here and uh they come down much lower than you might see them in other places. He's going to get in the water Website. (330) 922-4990. 597 Howe Ave. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221. From Business: Wild Birds Unlimited is the original and largest franchise system of backyard bird feeding and nature specialty stores with more than 300 locations throughout. 2. Wild Bird Center. Birds & Bird Supplies Bird Feeders & Houses. 24

Westchester Bird Sanctuary. November 20, 2016 ·. Indiana Dunes Birding Festival. November 18, 2016. The official 2017 keynote and headliners have been announced! Start making your plans to join us May 4-7, 2017. We have the first hotel, camping, and cabin bl ocks posted on the website as well. Registration goes live in less than 90 days The bird sanctuary is no longer just what is within the fence. In 2001, the sanctuary expanded south and east, and the Chicago Park District now manages the entire area south of the tennis courts and parking lot, north of the archery field, and between the lake and Recreation Drive as bird habitat. Some areas are planted outside the tall fence Hotels near Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, Chicago on Tripadvisor: Find 12,315 traveler reviews, 51,469 candid photos, and prices for 870 hotels near Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary in Chicago, IL The Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary in Chicago, Illinois is a popular and renowned bird and nature sanctuary within Lincoln Park. I promote the Sanctuary using a website (Birding Montrose Point. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is situated near to the banks of the Kaveri River in Karnataka.; Exotic migratory birds like light Ibis, Egret, Partridge, Heron, River Tern, Snake Bird, stone Plougher are the attraction for the tourist.; This is an important tourist destination of Mysore and is located about 20 kilometers from the famous Brindavan garden lies.

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  1. county name organization city/state/zip telephone species comments; allegan : yarbrough, kayla : kalamazoo, mi 49009 : 616-312-741
  2. THE BIRD SANCTUARY BY SAROJINI NAIDU In your quiet garden wakes a magic tumult Of winged choristers that keep the festival of Dawn, Blithely rise the carols in richly cadenced rapture, From lyric throats of amber, of ebony and fawn. The bulbul and the oriole, the honeybird and Shama Flit among high boughs that drip with nectar and with dew, Upon the grass the wandering gull parades its sea.
  3. 1 of 3 Birds like this blue heron may start spilling into neighborhoods if their Lake Conroe island disappears. Melissa Phillip/Staff Show More Show Less 2 of 3 Bird Island, a small bird sanctuary.

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  1. The bird sanctuary is a 3,000 square metre patch of land with trees as tall as 15 metres high, which are the birds' favourites to build nests. It takes half a century for the trees to grow this tall, according to Trí. There are 15-20 nests on a tree like this, she said as pointing to one. The birds almost never fight among themselves
  2. 25 East Washington Street, Suite 1650 Chicago, Illinois 60602 312.863.625
  3. Montrose Harbor Bird Sanctuary. Location: No Google address - Located on Montrose Harbor Drive • Map of Location Here. Notes: Featured photos were shot during Spring, Summer and Fall. This is such a pretty location anytime of the year. It's a very quiet spot with not many people. Lots of birds, especially during early spring
  4. Come and visit the W.K. Kellogg Bird Sanctuary! The grounds are open during all four seasons! Explore three miles of trails and experience a variety of habitats surrounding Wintergreen Lake, the heart of the Sanctuary grounds. Visitors will see a variety of birds that call the Sanctuary home, including our resident waterfowl, gamebirds and raptors
  5. Tag: Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary 14 Things to Do Outdoors in Chicagoland Before Summer Ends August 8, 2018 August 31, 2018 by anders458 , posted in @FPDCC , botanical gardens and arboretums , Chicago , Forest Preserve of Cook County , Galena Illinois , gardening , hiking , Illinois , Illinois Nature preserves , Indiana , Iowa , kids.
  6. April 18, 2021October 10, 2021November 14, 2021. The Center for Birds of Prey Photography Day is unlike any other photography experience offered in the state of South Carolina. This 4-hour program allows photographers unencumbered views of 15 different species of birds of prey outside of their enclosures in a natural setting
  7. The mission of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory is to inspire the appreciation, enjoyment, and conservation of birds and their habitats through research, education, and outreach. We are located at the entrance of the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area. | 13551 W. State Route 2 | Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449 | 419.898.4070 |

Our Birds EAST is dedicated to the safety, care, health, and quality of life of captive parrots whose guardians are no longer able to care for them. We work with families and individuals with the goal of keeping parrot(s) and guardian(s) together whenever possible. Rescue Parrots are difficult to care for, and they don't adapt [ Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary. Free Flight is a unique exotic bird sanctuary located in Del Mar, California -- open to the public 7 days a week. Our mission is to maintain a sanctuary that shelters, nurtures and re-socializes parrots, while educating the public to inspire a lasting concern for the well being of exotic birds The George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary is less than one hour's drive from the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is one of 92 federal Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in Canada. Public use is managed by the British Columbia Waterfowl Society under a long-term agreement with Environment Canada The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre have been providing migratory birds with a place to rest their wings since 1929. That's more than 80 years of conservation! To date, 270 species of birds, 21 species of mammals and 347 species of plants have been recorded at the Sanctuary and Nature Centre by members of the public, volunteers and. This bird sanctuary is located in Lincoln Park. It's about 15 acre's of grass and trees that over 300 species of birds stop for rest, food, and shelter while migrating. This place can have have an overwhelming number of species and individuals especially during a cold front in the fall and inclement weather in the spring

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The Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock Migratory Bird Sanctuary (MBS) is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in the Gaspé, southeast of the city of Percé. The MBS is divided into two parts: the first covers Bonaventure Island and 500 m of surrounding marine waters; the second encompasses Percé Rock and the marine waters extending 1 km offshore, excluding any land that falls within this. Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds Bodega Bay Bird Sanctuary Sign. ZietlowsCustomSigns. From shop ZietlowsCustomSigns. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,297) 1,297 reviews. $33.00 FREE shipping. Favorite. Add to

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Tours/visitation by confirmed appointment 1-844-FLA-BIRD (1-844-352-2473) REQUIRED SPONSORSHIP FEE FOR PLACEMEN Welcome to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, an amazing place to experience nature and learn about the world around you. On your visit, you'll see Great Horned Owls, Peregrine Falcons, Cedar Waxwings, and more! This is a perfect activity for the whole family. You don't need to schedule a visit, the Sanctuary is open to the public year-round Birds Eating From Bird Feeder. Four birds eating from and flying around a bird feeder at the Phillips Park Zoo in Aurora, Illinois. Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary Path. This is a Fall picture of a path covered with fallen leaves in the iconic Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary located Chicago Welcome to Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts (IBET)! IBET is an e-mail list for the discussion of wild birds and birding issues relating to IL. Its mission is to promote the JOY of birding by keeping members updated on rare and interesting birds and birding opportunities. Administered by Illinois Ornithological Society

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Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary comprising of a huge lake and ambient marshes, is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary is the largest wetland bird sanctuary in Gujarat, and one of the largest in India, spot birds like Flamingos, Pelicans, Spoonbills, Avocets, Coots, Pintails, small Cormorants, small Grebes and Shovellers Wet 'n' Wild. Out of everything needed to create a bird sanctuary, water is the easiest addition to make. Adding water can be as simple as taking a 2-to-3-inch-deep tray, filling it with water, rocks, and sticks, and placing it outside. The rocks and sticks provide traction for birds and escape routes for small creatures, such as insects. The Flying High Bird Sanctuary formerly referred to as Flying High Bird Habitat is Australia's largest free-flight aviary and houses over three thousand birds of varied species. When you visit the sanctuary, you would get the chance to walk around the aviary spread across an area of two acres which covers 980-foot trails in a beautiful.

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A bird isn't going to magically know that you created a sanctuary for them. You're going to have to put a little effort into attracting them to your area. The best way to do this is to sprinkle seeds around the ground near your bird sanctuary. Birds look down from above. They will easily see the bird seed lingering and come down to snatch it Feathers will be flying at the Inglewood bird sanctuary once a new capital project planned by the city gets underway in 2022. The city is working on a project to reconnect the lagoon at the Inglewood bird sanctuary to the Bow River. The work on the project is set to start in 2022, and community engagement and consultation have been ongoing since June 2021 PUBLISHED ON JUL 08, 2021 11:58 PM IST. A birder reported spotting a little bittern at the Okhla Bird Sanctuary (OBS), a rare and unusual sighting for the National Capital Region (NCR. Mandya (Karnataka): The world famous Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary known as 'Pakshi Kaashi' which attracts lakhs of visitors from across the country and the world, opened its doors to bird lovers on Wednesday. The sanctuary was shut for 3 months in the backdrop of the Covid crisis. The Mandya district administration had issued guidelines for. This great design from More Birds has an interesting look, reminiscent of a mid century modern bird feeder. It holds an impressive 3.5lbs of birdseed, so you can feed more birds with less effort. The perches on this feeder are adjustable, to accommodate smaller or larger birds, and you can use the thistle port inserts to turn this into a feeder.

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Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is a 30-hectare (74-acre) protected area located in the Chengalpattu District and Madurantakam taluk of the state of Tamil Nadu, India.The sanctuary is about 75 kilometres (47 mi) from Chennai on National Highway 45 ([NH45]). Easily reachable from Madurantakam and Chengalpattu. More than 40,000 birds (including 26 rare species), from various parts of the world visit.

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