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Cube: The third power of a number. Cube Root: For real number x and y, y is the cube root of x, (written √3 x ), if y ³ = x. Data Set: A collection of information, frequently in the form of numbers. Degree: The degree of a term is the sum of the exponents of the variables. The degree of a polynomial is the highest degree of any of its terms. If it contains no variables its degree is 0 if it. Grade 8 Mathematics Glossary. Absolute value: The distance a number is from $0$. Acute angle: An angle that measures less than 90°. Algebra: The study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating those symbols. Algebra grid: A grid used to illustrate values of algebraic expressions

8th Grade Math Vocabulary: Terms and Definitions. In 8th grade, you'll be introduced to new math terms that relate to algebra, geometry and statistics, as well as the number system. Keep reading to learn new 8th grade math vocabulary VocabularySpellingCity provides these eighth grade math word lists as a supplement the standard eighth grade math curriculum. Math terms for the 8th grade are collected into math vocabulary lists used in fun interactive and educational games. Just choose a math area, select a word list, and pick from 35+ different learning activities Kindergarten to Grade 8 Mathematics Glossary 3 algebraic term The addends of an algebraic expression involving constant(s) and at least one variable. Examples 3xy contains one algebraic term: 3xy 5x2 —3y contains two algebraic terms: 5x2 and —3y 2x2 —4xy + 7 + 6y contains four terms, three of which are algebraic: 2x2, —4xy, and 6y algorith Start studying 8th grade math definitions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Glossary of Math Terms. Print a worksheet that lists mathematical terms and their definitions. It's a great resource for your students and will strengthen their math vocabulary

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Math Vocabulary A - Z 8th grade. The order of performing computation is first parentheses, then exponents, followed by multiplication and division, then addition and subtraction. The perpendicular distance from a vertex in a polygon to an opposite side. A figure formed by two rays with the same endpoint This glossary provides definitions for terms in Grades 3-8. In addition to the term and its definition, the grade level at which the term would first be introduced is included. For terms not specifically found within the Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content, an asterisk (*) is found next to the grade level, indicating that the grade is an. The surface area of a two-dimensional figure. A mathematical model based on the area of a rectangle, used to represent multiplication or to represent fractional parts of a whole. For any numbers x, y , and z: (x + y) + z= x + (y + z). A distinguishing characteristic of an object such as angles or sides of a triangle In eighth grade, students will analyze and justify the explanations for patterns and their rules at a more complex level. Your students should be able to write algebraic equations and write statements to understand simple formulas. Students should be able to evaluate a variety of simple linear algebraic expressions at a beginning level by using. Arctan. Area below a Curve. Area between Curves. Area of a Circle. Area of a Convex Polygon. Area of an Ellipse. Area of an Equilateral Triangle. Area of a Kite. Area of a Parabolic Segment

8th Grade Math Vocabulary Terms and Definition

Glossary: Mathematical . Terms, Tables, and Illustrations. of the. Mathematics Framework. for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve. Adopted by the California State Board of Education, November 2013 Published by the California Department of Education. Sacramento, 201 Understanding the math vocabulary is crucial when preparing for the 8th grade CRCT math test. This glossary explains the meaning of a variety of math terms by using simple definitions, examples, images, diagrams, tables, and graphs. The absolute value of a number equals to the distance from that number to zero on a number line

Basic Math Terms and Their Meanings. The Common Core standards separate elementary math concepts into five categories: counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations, measurement and data, and geometry.While there are specific terms associated with each concept, a strong mathematical education bridges math skills across them all Definition of Algebra explained with real life illustrated examples. Also learn the facts to easily understand math glossary with fun math worksheet online at SplashLearn. SplashLearn is an award winning math learning program used by more than 40 Million kids for fun math practice Over 100 8th grade math terms are ready to print for your word wall. You can print them in color (by similar topic) or black and white. (29 pages) There are 4 terms per page. If there is a word that you think should be added, please let me know in the Product Q & A section. I hope this is helpf 310 Glossary Glossary This glossary contains words and phrases from Fourth through Sixth Grade Everyday Mathematics. To place the definitions in broader mathematical contexts, most entries also refer to sections in this Teacher's Reference Manual. In a definition, terms in italics are defined elsewhere in the glossary. acute triangle A.

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  1. There are a lot of math words you should know by the end of 8th grade. This lesson can't possibly cover all of them, but you will learn some of the more commonly used math terms. Math Words A-
  2. trigonometry: the branch of mathematics that studies the relationships between the sides and the angles of right triangles, and deals with and with the trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, tangent and their reciprocals) trinomial: an algebraic equation with 3 terms, e.g. 3 x + 5 y + 8 z; 3 x 3 + 2 x 2 + x; et
  3. al or discrete data. It consists of a sequence of bars, or rectangles, corresponding to the possible values, and th
  4. Vocabulary Cards. This page contains math vocabulary cards for Kindergarten through 8th Grade and Secondary 1 Mathematics. These cards can also be found in Spanish, Chinese, and French under the Dual Immersion menu. Portuguese, German, and Russian vocabulary cards are located at the following website: USOE Dual Immersion Vocabulary Cards
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  6. 3rd Grade Hinojosa Math Vocabulary Words Topic 1‐ Numeration Word Definition Picture Digits The symbol used to write the numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 are called digits. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Standard Form Standard form is a way to write a number showing only its digits. 3,845 Word For

6th Grade Glossary. The Everyday Mathematics glossary is a comprehensive list of definitions of important terminology used in the curriculum. English. Español. Related Links Advice from Teachers. See advice from Everyday Mathematics teachers on working with parents, using technology in the classroom, pacing, and more Understanding how to solve math problems becomes easier as one learns math terminology. Below is a list of many common math terms and their definitions. Acute angle - An angle which measures below 90°. Acute triangle - A triangle containing only acute angles. Additive inverse - The opposite of a number or its negative Simoncelli, Mary, 8th Grade Math Teacher; Weber, Holli Jo, 6th Grade Teacher; Resources Park Forest Middle School; Figurative Language: Terms & Definitions; Reading. Bibliography; Title I Policy; Content Area Reading Strategies; Reading Strategies/Graphic Organizers; Study/Learning Guides & Strategies; Critical Reading/Thinking Skills. GEOMETRY TERMS AND DEFINITIONS WITH PICTURES. Certain statements are being made in order to create new concepts from the existing without leading to wrong results. Such of the statements are called definitions. 1) A triangle is called equilateral if all the sides are of the same length. 2) Two angles are called supplementary if their sum is 180° Mathematics | Grade 8 . In Grade 8, instructional time should focus on three critical areas: (1) formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations, including modeling an association in bivariate data with a linear equation, and solving linear equations and systems of linear equations; (2) grasping th

In eighth grade, students will analyze and justify the explanations for patterns and their rules at a more complex level. Your students should be able to write algebraic equations and write statements to understand simple formulas. Students should be able to evaluate a variety of simple linear algebraic expressions at a beginning level by using. CST Released Test Questions for Grade 8 ELA. CALIFORNIA STANDARDS TEST GRADE. Released Test Questions English-Language Arts 8. The Amazing Maize Maze. (1) When the Egyptians built the pyramids, they included mazes to trap thieves. (2) Even if a thief managed to enter a pyramid, they would probably never find his or her Teachers go over definitions along with multiple problems for the skills so that students fully grasp the concepts. Skills available for statistics, time, ratios, and other eighth grade skills. Students learn how to use the scracthpad to better understand how to tackle the problems

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Division is.. splitting into equal parts or groups. It is the result of fair sharing. Division has its own special words to remember. Let's take the simple question of 22 divided by 5.The answer is 4, with 2 left over.. Here we see the important words Math Dictionary for Kids. May 27, 2021 by Stefanie Mary. This collection of mathematics dictionaries is very useful that contains an online math glossary for students. Because this online math dictionary will help you find a lot of terms. There are tons of math terms already explained with a total of more than 955 common terms along with some. Direct Instruction + Guided Notes. 35 minutes. Todays lesson lays the groundwork for solving equations, so it is crucial that students leave class with a firm understanding of like terms and the parts of an expression. Using the Combining Like Terms presentation, the first three slides aim to bridge the work that was done during our last class Virginia Department of Education 2018 Grade 6 Mathematics Vocabulary Grade 6 Mathematics Vocabulary Word Wall Cards Mathematics vocabulary word wall cards provide a display of mathematics content words and associated visual cues to assist in vocabulary development. The cards should be used as an instructional tool for teacher 7th Grade Math Definitions 4 + 6 2.. A B V E D. Triangles 43 = 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 33 = 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 23 = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 42 = 4 x 4 = 16 32 = 3 x 3 = 9 22 = 2 x 2 = 4 41 = 4 31 = 3 21 = 2 40 = 1 30 = 1 20 = 1. Circles Circle: A set of points equal distance from a given point, called the center of the circle

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  1. This Math Open Reference Project provides additional information with more geometry terms and definitions. Latest Worksheets The worksheets below are the mostly recently added to the site
  2. An inequality compares two values, showing if one is less than, greater than, or simply not equal to another value. a ≠ b says that a is not equal to b. a < b says that a is less than b. a > b says that a is greater than b. (those two are known as strict inequality) a ≤ b means that a is less than or equal to b
  3. A Maths Dictionary for Kids is an online math dictionary for students which explains over 955 common mathematical terms and math words in simple language with definitions, detailed visual examples, and online practice links for some entries
  4. Course Summary Let us help you catch up or get ahead in math class using this fun 6th-8th grade math review course. Our engaging text and video lessons outline topics like algebra and basic.
  5. 6th Grade Common Core Math Vocabulary absolute value The distance of a number from zero on the number line. Always positive. Magnitude for a positive or negative number in a real world situation. acute triangle A triangle with no angle measuring 90º or more. addend Any number being added. 7+3=10 seven and three are addend
  6. Online Math Dictionary T Words. Table - a way of organizing data in columns and rows.. Tally Mark - a small mark used to help keep track of a count.. Tangent - a line that meets a smooth curve at a single point and does not cut across the curve.. Tangent - the secant of an angle is the ratio of the opposite side to the adjacent side.. Tangent Line - a line that intersects a circle or graph in.

We are provide free online math dictionary for kids and also providing free solved math problems with step-by-step solutions on Elementary, Middle, High School Math content. + 123 456 78910 info@icoachmath.co Things to keep in mind about this 8th grade math test. Note: A score of 16 or more on this 8th grade math test is a good indication that most skills taught in 8th grade were mastered If you struggled a lot on this 8th grade math test, get someone to help you Want a solution to this 8th grade math test Definitions; Reflection : In math, a reflection is the flipping of a point or figure over a line of reflection (the mirror line). Big Ideas Math Common Core 8th Grade: Online Textbook Help. Use this glossary with the EL Support Lesson: Converting Fractions to Decimals. Popular searches: Reading , Money , Fractions , Sight Words , Multiplication Activity type

Content. The glossary does not define all possible terms included on an actual PSSA administration, and it is not intended to define terms for use in classroom instruction for a particular grade level or course. This glossary provides definitions for terms in Grades 3-8 These Algebraic Expressions Worksheets will create algebraic statements for the student to simplify. You may select from 2, 3, or 4 terms with addition, subtraction, and multiplication. These Algebraic Expressions Worksheets are a good resource for students in the 5th Grade through the 8th Grade. The Distributive Property Worksheets Find definitions of all math terms with letter Q, explained with informational pictures and examples. Learn math concepts in a fun and interactive way at SplashLearn. SplashLearn is an award winning math learning program used by more than 40 Million kids for fun math practice

Alaska Mathematics Standards Grade 8 Page 3 . given a linear function represented by a table of values and a linear function represented by an algebraic expression, determine which function has the greater rate of change. • 8.F.3. Interpret the equation . y = mx + b . as defining a linear function, whose graph is Math Dictionary for Kids: The Essential Guide to Math Terms, Strategies, and Tables. A must-have for parents and students alike, this comprehensive resource provides definitions, descriptions, and illustrations in all areas of elementary and middle school mathematics Equation: ( x-a) 2 + ( y-b) 2 + ( z-c) 2 = r2, where r is the radius and ( a, b, c) are the coordinates of the centre; surface area: 4π r2; volume: 4π r3 /3 square a plane geometric figure having four equal sides and four right angles square root a number or quantity that when multiplied by itself gives a given number or quantity. Math · 8th grade · Numbers and B is equal to one over a to the B and before I give you the intuition I want you to just realize that this really is a definition the I don't know the inventor of mathematics you know wasn't one person it was you know a convention that arose but they did they define this and they define this for the reasons. Looking for more free worksheets for kids Prek-8th grade? We have over 1 million pages conveniently arranged by subject and by grade. Teaching Dictionary Skills. This dictionary skills activity will help students in grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 learn about dictionaries and how to use a dictionary. There are five teaching sheets that.

Boost 8th grade spelling skills with this list of 8th grade spelling words from science, math, language arts, and social sciences. Download a spelling printable. having a solid foundation of definitions and proper spelling of math and science words can make life easy for students. To give them a leg up, try these spelling words for 8th grade Worksheets: match word to its definition. These worksheets have students learn the meaning of words by definition. They are given a selection of four words and have to pick the one that matches the definition. Open PDF. Worksheet #1 Worksheet #2 Worksheet #3 Worksheet #4 Worksheet #5 Improve your math knowledge with free questions in Permutations and thousands of other math skills

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  1. CCSS.Math.Content.8.G.A.5 Use informal arguments to establish facts about the angle sum and exterior angle of triangles, about the angles created when parallel lines are cut by a transversal, and the angle-angle criterion for similarity of triangles. For example, arrange three copies of the same triangle so that the sum of the three angles appears to form a line, and give an argument in terms.
  2. Improve your math knowledge with free questions in Identify terms and coefficients and thousands of other math skills. Seventh grade . R.8 Identify terms and coefficients. E7H. Share skill. share to google
  3. This glossary of poetry terms - from Accent to Versification - is an absolute must-have resource for poetry class. Familiarizing students with these terms will help them better read and create poetry. This list can also be easily modified to create a pop quiz or exam on common poetry terms
  4. The Prescripts series from Classical Conversations is a pre-writing handwriting copywork course for children that refines cursive handwriting skills through copying meaningful content. Prescripts: Cursive Letters and Drawing: Math Terms introduces children to the building blocks of cursive writing: letters, then words, then simple sentences, through copying definitions of important math terms.
  5. 8th Grade Mathematics Unpacked Contents For the new Standard Course of Study that will be effective in all North Carolina schools in the 2018-19 School Year. This document is designed to help North Carolina educators teach the 8 th Grade Mathematics Standard Course of Study
  6. utes of parking at a meter, distance and time spent running, etc

Mathematics is a universal language and the basics of maths are the same everywhere in the universe. Mathematical symbols play a major role in this. The definition and the value of the symbols are constant. For example, the Roman letter X represents the value 10 everywhere around us Math Definitions: Basic Operations . Word Definition Examples Simplify To make as short as possible 5 + 3 4 can be simplified to 2 Evaluate To solve for a certain value 5x + 3 evaluated for x = 2 gives us 13 Plus (Add) To increase a number by another number (+) 5 plus 2 = 5 + 2 =

3. An axiomatic system is a system composed of the following: • Undefined terms • Definitions or Defined terms • Axioms or Postulates • Theorems. 4. Undefined Terms • Undefined terms are terms that are left undefined in the system. Instead of providing a definition for them, we resort to a description, illustration, or demonstration Introductory Message For the Facilitator: Welcome to the Mathematics Grade 8 Self-Learning Module on Mathematical System (Undefined Terms)! This Self-Learning Module was collaboratively designed, developed and reviewed by educators from the Schools Division Office of Pasig City headed by its Officer-in-Charge Schools Division Superintendent, Ma. . Evalou Concepcion A. Agustin, in partnership.

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= ∛ 256 = ∛ (2 ⋅2⋅2⋅2⋅2⋅2⋅2⋅2) When we group the prime factors inside the cube root as triples, we left over with 2 ⋅ 2.That is 4. Hence 4 is the smallest number required to divide 256 so that the quotient is a perfect cube Math.com is dedicated to providing revolutionary ways for students and parents to learn math. Use this glossary to find definitions for common math terms Glossary and Terms: Graphs and Lines. Abscissa - The horizontal line, or x-axis, of a graph. Arc - A portion of the circumference of a circle. Axis - One of the lines that is used to form a graph. There is the horizontal x-axis and the vertical y-axis in a two dimensional graph. Bisect - To bisect an object is to divide it into two equal halves.

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The Distributive Property is easy to remember, if you recall that multiplication distributes over addition. Formally, they write this property as a(b + c) = ab + ac.In numbers, this means, for example, that 2(3 + 4) = 2×3 + 2×4.Any time they refer in a problem to using the Distributive Property, they want you to take something through the parentheses (or factor something out); any time a. The games on this webpage are designed to reinforce important math vocabulary terms and definitions for K-8 math content. 1st Grade Math Vocabulary Game 1st grade students can demonstrate their math vocabulary knowledge by playing this game

Degree of a Polynomial - the degree of the monomial of largest degree belonging to that polynomial. For example, the degree of a polynomial, 4x5 + 6x2 + 8 is 5. o For more info Many students get confused with these three terms mean, median, and mode. In this article, we can easily learn these three terms without any confusion, but first, we are learning the mean in this article with more knowledge. Let us discuss the definition of the mean, formula with an example. To calculate the mean, we need to add the total.

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Math 8th grade word list - ADJACENT, distributive, INFINITE, INTERCEPT, Pythagorean Theory, SEQUENCE, SYMMETRY Math 9th grade word list - binomial, coefficient, composite, hypotenuse, precision Please email jancook@myvocabulary.com with math word lists that may be essential to a specific grade. www.myvocabulary.com offers more than 685 word lists These word definition worksheets will help your students to practice and learn the most useful vocabulary words at their grade level. Not only will these words make your students better readers and writers, but they will also enable them to score higher on the most popular standardized tests 8th Grade Vocabulary Word List This eighth grade vocabulary list was built from an analysis of difficult words that appear in basal readers and other books commonly taught in the 8th grade. Those words were then analyzed to see how often they appeared on English Language Arts state tests given in the eighth, ninth and tenth grades standards for kindergarten through grade 8 prepare students for higher mathematics. The standards for higher mathematics reflect the knowledge and skills that are necessary to prepare students for college and careers and productive citizenship

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  1. Multiply and divide rational numbers: word problems. F.7. Evaluate numerical expressions involving positive and negative decimals. F.8. Evaluate numerical expressions involving rational numbers. F.9. Apply addition and subtraction rules. F.10. Apply multiplication and division rules
  2. Dictionary Skills Worksheets. Our printable dictionary skills worksheets provide comprehensive practice for elementary school children to become adept in using this valuable source, and obtain a good understanding of what a dictionary can be used for. Students in grade 2 through grade 5 gain the skill of looking up definitions, multiple.
  3. Mathematics GSE Grade 8 Unit 1: Transformations, Congruence, and Similarity The websites below are interactive and include a math glossary suitable for middle school and specific examples of many terms and symbols used in grade 8 mathematics
  4. If the product of extreme terms is equal to the product of mean terms, then the ratios are proportional: x x n = y x m. Continued Proportions If we considered three quantities and the ratio of the first and second quantities is equal to the ratio between the second and the third quantities, then the three quantities are in Continued Proportions
  5. Mathematics Cognitive Domains-Fourth and Eighth Grades. In order to respond correctly to TIMSS test items, students need to be familiar with the mathematics content being assessed, but they also need to draw on a range of cognitive skills. Describing these skills plays a crucial role in the development of an assessment like TIMSS 2019.
  6. Math Review Terms - 4th Grade (14 cards) 2020-05-27 20 . Review for Ratios, Rates, and Proportions Test 5th grade math definitions (13 cards) 2020-08-25 14 . 6th Grade 2018 SMART Goal Vocab (25.
  7. e the rate of change and initial value of the function from a description of a relationship or from two (x, y) values, including reading these from a table or from a graph. Interpret the rate of change and initial value of a linear function in terms of.

A sequence of transformations is a set of translations, rotations, reflections, and dilations on a figure. The transformations are performed in a given order. This diagram shows a sequence of transformations to move Figure A to Figure C. First, A is translated to the right to make B. Next, B is reflected across line Math Dictionary provides you a free list of mathematical terms and their definitions, formula, vocabulary, meaning and terms from A to Z. This free math glossary explains the math words with precise definition, formula, vocabulary and meaning in an easy way. A List Of Words That Start With J. Joint Probability - the probability of event A and event B happening at the same time.. Joint Probability Function - a function that gives the probability that each of two or more random variables takes at a particular value.. Joint Variation - a variation in which the values of one variable depend upon those of 2 or more variables PARCC: Language of the Test (Grade 11) Before you can answer a question on the PARCC English Language Arts/Literacy section, you first need to know what the question is asking. Learn this list of 70 words that we extracted from a PARCC practice test's directions, question stems, and answer options. 70 Words

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Grade 8 synonyms, Grade 8 pronunciation, Grade 8 translation, English dictionary definition of Grade 8. n the eighth year of school, when students are 12 to 14 years old ˌeighth-ˈgrader n Collins English Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014.. May 26, 2016 - Explore Priscilla Castro's board Math Vocabulary Words, followed by 401 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about math vocabulary, math vocabulary words, math

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Eighth grade math lesson plans with brief activity descriptions and learning activity numbers Eighth grade writing skills and standards by Time4Writing Eighth Grade Vocabulary and Spelling Lists - a free website that offers a fun and easy way to practice vocabulary and spelling words Algebra Questions with Answers and Solutions for Grade 8. Grade 8 algebra questions with solutions are presented. Questions on solving equations, simplifying expressions including expressions with fractions are included. NOTE: In what follows, mixed numbers are written in the form a b/c. For example 2 1/3 means the mixed number 2 + 1/3 Definitions. Did you notice I didn't give definitions of the terms ratio and proportion? Well, I didn't want to confuse. Sometimes you don't have to learn the exact definitions up front, but you can start by learning to solve word problems — even real-life problems. A RATIO is two things (numbers or quantities) compared to each other. For. 8th Grade Language Arts Worksheets. Step up your practice with our printable 8th grade language arts worksheets that are accompanied by answer keys and feature adequate exercises in forming and using verbs in the active and passive voice, recognizing and correcting inappropriate shifts, comprehending the figures of speech like onomatopoeia.

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Signing Math Picture Dictionary (SMP)—formerly called the Signing Math Pictionary is a dictionary of math terms and definitions for grades K-4. This work was funded in part by a grant from the Department of Education (H327A100074). Signing Earth Science Dictionary (SESD)—a dictionary of Earth science terms for grades 9-12 But trust us, this is exactly why you'll want to take our SAT Vocabulary practice tests, or create vocabulary word tests on Vocab Test.com. So right now what we have available for you on Vocab Test.com is this: vocabulary word tests for some middle school levels: 6th Grade Vocabulary, 7th Grade Vocabulary or 8th Grade Vocabulary and all high school levels: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior.

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Looking at these two terms, I see that each contains the variable x, and the variable has the same (understood) power of 1 in each term. So these are like terms, and I can combine them. Back in grade-school arithmetic, three apples plus four apples got combined into seven apples by adding the three and the four to get seven, and bringing the apples along for the ride How to find the next number or item in a pattern. What is a term in a pattern? Finding what comes next in a series of numbers, shapes or colors. Discovering.

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Financial Math Glossary. This financial math glossary covers the most important terms and definitions required for a career as a financial analyst. This list is taken from CFI's Financial Mathematics Course. Annuity. An annuity is a series of payments in equal time periods, guaranteed for a fixed number of years. Annuity factor Rates are ratios, any ratio with different units in the numerator and denominator is called a rate. To solve most questions involving rates of all kinds, all we have to do is to set up an equation of the form ratio = ratio. We just match the units on each side. Remember that in such an equation, fraction equals fraction or ratio = ratio is. Dimensions/Size: Terminology to describe the dimensions of an object or set. With young children, the terms large, medium, small, taller, shorter, longer, less than and greater than are all appropriate. Edge: The meeting of two faces on a three-dimensional shape. Face: Surface planes of three-dimensional shapes. Flat: Having a plane-like quality Grade 7 Math Course Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 High School Geometry High School Statistics Algebra 1 Algebra 2 If you log in we can remember what you have achieved A growing pattern has 2 important parts - the terms and the rule. __. 1. Terms. Each step of a growing pattern is a term. For example, in the above examples , the number or group of objects we get at each step is a term of the pattern. 2. Rule. The fixed order in which a growing pattern increases is called its rule